Kirtan is a devotional practice which originates from Vedic culture, and was later popularized by Chaitanya Mahaprabhu. It is the communal chanting of the names of God in a call and response fashion. Kirtan untilizes sacred mantras, which cut through the haze of incessant thought and help one to develop a higher taste for spiritual life.

Sadhu Nada is a travelling Kirtan singer, combining gypsy style music with traditional sacred mantras.

His music has been featured on Mantra Radio (CiTR 101.9, Vancouver, Canada), Sky FM and WRPI's "In The Spirit" with Gary Goldberg. He has also been a guest on ABC 7's Voicebox (San Francisco, Aug 2011). His rendition of "Pancha Tattva" was nominated for Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 (Feb 2013), and he was ranked #1 on the ReverbNation World Music chart (March 2013).

Without any formal training, Nada began playing music from an early age, beginning with guitar and hand drums. In the late 1990s he began spending a great deal of time at his local Radha Krishna temple. There he became involved in the practice of kirtan, and shortly after began leading kirtan in the surrounding community.

He was married for several years and ran a small business with his wife, but eventually he gave up both his marriage and his business to pursue the life of a wandering mendicant, also known as a Sadhu. Wandering aimlessly from place to place, he carried with him a guitar with which he shared his love of kirtan. On his journey he met many other travelling musicians, which influenced his playing style, eventually evolving into what we hear today.

With very little funding, he dedicated his time and energy to recording his music, independently producing a number of albums. His music is currently available for download by donations which help support the artist as he travels from place to place.

For several years Nada coordinated a Kirtan Circle at the National Rainbow Gathering. He has prayformed all over the country and in Costa Rica, at yoga studios, temples, festivals. He has shared the stage with other kirtan artists such as Jai Uttal and the Kirtaniyas, and has also played with Bhagavan Das, Arjun Baba and the Mayapuris.

The name Nada, given to him when he began leading kirtan, refers to the "river of sound" from which all things in the universe arise… and, of course, to the practice of Kirtan, also known as Nada Yoga.

"For me, the pracitice of Kirtan is so very powerful, and although I do not fully understand it, I cannot help but sing. It is my calling and I surrender to it." -Sadhu Nada

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